nurturing regenerative relationships

love green permaculture

Nurturing regenerative relationships between people and nature, using permaculture as a pattern for conscious living.

Love Green Permaculture is a project run by Larissa Green and Kent Tahir Cooper that covers 4 permaculture sites in different contexts. The objective is to establish effective and cutting edge models of regenerative land use systems that reflect a holistic synergy between people and nature.

Our systems are experimental, everything we do is a great experiment as there can be no discovery without experimentation and without discovery there is no evolution.


Our Urban Permaculture Site in Cape Town is a completely off-grid self-sufficient model of regenerate urban living. 


Our home, Oudeberg Permaculture Farm is a commercial scale regenerative farming operation based in permaculture design. We live in self-reliance and are developing a wide diversity of value streams that arise from the cultivated ecosystems that consitute the farm.


Our volunteer program is closed at the moment, we will provide notification here when it is reopened.


Empower yourself and learn how to become self-sufficient in any situation. The Permaculture Design Course teaches essential skills to meet the challenges of a world beset with climate change, economic meltdown, and diminishing natural resources. Learn to design regenerative human living environments that will provide for your every need in a way that benefits everything and everyone around you. A Permaculture Design Course will change your life and set you on a pathway towards health, abundance, personal freedom and economic well-being without compromising the earth or your ethics.
If you’d like more info on any aspect of what is on our site, please message us.

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