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Do you wish to experience running a Regenerative Farm based on Permaculture Principles?

Love Green Permaculture runs a Voluntership Program at Oudeberg Farm. This is an education and training program whereby the volunteer comes to the farm for a stipulated period of time to learn about permaculture and regenerative farming through practical experience. The volunteer will be integrated into the running and development of the farm as a team member experiencing whatever processes and projects that are running at the time of their visit. The work program will be supplemented by research, reading and multi-media learning, which they are required to do in after work in order to develop a good conceptual understanding of the work they are doing. If the volunteer shows competence in the range of activities involved in they will be certified as practically competent in the relevant fields. These skill and knowledge modules can be accumulated towards an applied permaculture certificate. There are no limits to the modules as permaculture is unlimited in its scope and is only bound by the laws of ecotropy and human ingenuity…

Volunteering at Oudeberg Permaculture Farm is a diverse experience in life and work on a busy commercial permaculture venture. We are only interested in people who have a sincere wish to learn about permaculture and work hard on the range of projects that we and our staff are currently running. The outdoor life is vigorous and lots of fun with the various projects on the cutting edge of permaculture design and implementation. Depending on the length of your stay you will initially work under supervision and as your competence, responsibility and experience with our systems grows you will be given more autonomy in your working days and hopefully be able to drive some of the projects we are running. Volunteers will be given a volunternship certificate at the end of your stay detailing activities you were competent in.

Our excellent volunteer and PDC graduate PJ brings more windfall apricots to feed to the pigs…

Our Winter Projects

Below are the basic projects we are busy with over the winter. If you volunteer with us you will get involved in whatever projects we are currently running. Selection of projects is based upon the weakest link principle and timing regarding season and importance of immediate need. You will be deployed where your skill and experience levels allow as we cannot place volunteers into responsibilities they cannot cope with as this will cause harm and loss to our systems. Please be realistic about your capabilities and capacity when applying to volunteer with us.

Current Homesteading Projects are:

  • Cultivating Zone 1 food gardens (mainly weeding)
  • Establishing Zone 2 Food Forests & Main Crop Systems (mainly weeding)
  • Establishing a berry cage
  • Building renovations
  • Olive orchard regeneration
  • Building a chicken and Duck breeding pen system
  • Chicken tractor construction
  • Tree planting
  • Construction of a bulk plant nursery
  • Building a fruit drying rack system
  • Animal tractor management
  • Pruning of Fruit Trees
  • Composting and worm farm management
  • Grey water systems implementation
  • Site clearing and land preps for new food forests
  • Water infrastructure Establishment (placing of rainwater harvesting systems)
  • Wood and biomass chipping 
  • Compost making

Current Broadscale Projects are:

  • Pipeline burying
  • Managing irrigation systems across the farm
  • Animal processing area construction
  • Hammermill Shed renovation
  • Olive orchard regeneration
  • Pasture planting
  • Pasture management
  • Agroforestry system tree planting (Olives, Fruit Trees, Nut Trees)
  • Earthworks
  • Establishment of irrigation delivery lines
  • Gabion instillation at river crossings
  • River training using gabions
  • Fencing
  • Cattle and sheep housing
  • Machinery and Equipment maintenance
  • Alien plant removal
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Lucerne field management
  • Water infrastructure development

Farm Protocols

We expect volunteers to work where needed in the farm context, sometimes with us and our staff and sometimes on your own. In return you will be housed in a comfortable dwelling, have access to the internet and be provided with basic foods and whatever products are coming out of the food systems on the farm. The farm is vegetarian and no alcohol is allowed on the premises.

  • Take responsibility for yourself and your possessions.
  • No alcohol or meat on the farm.
  • Dwellings will be kept neat and tidy at all times and messy living patterns are not accepted as you will be sharing space with other people.
  • No filter cigarettes on the farm, only roll your own tobacco.
  • Smoking is only allowed outside and away from buildings.
  • Respectful interaction with all people on the farm.
  • No GMO’s and highly processed foods allowed on the farm.
  • No synthetic chemicals allowed on the farm, all toiletries and personal care products must be organic. If you do not have your own we will provide shampoo, body wash and will put your clothes through our washing machine once a week.

 Farm accommodation in historical house & dorm complex

The farm Zone 1 gardens always have a variety of veges and the Zone 2 systems some fruit (season specific) and we provide some dried fruit and homemade condiments to volunteers. Like all natural systems, gardens and harvests are always in flux so what is coming out of the systems is what is available…

Who Can Volunteer? 

You must be over the age of 21 years unless special testimonial is given by people known to us. You will need to have some working knowledge of permaculture and be prepared to work physically and you will have to be fit and in good health. We expect some previous experience in volunteering or work on farms or gardens. If you have special skills like building and construction, you will be placed into ongoing building and restoration program. We structure our working day so that work activities are appropriate to temperatures and time of day but please understand that given the climate context in the region, you will require an ability to operate outdoors for long periods, and often in hot weather.

Volunteer Context

Vegetarian Food Stuffs Provided

We provide healthy and mainly organic basic foods such as staple veges & fruit (potato, squash, onion, local fruits, etc), whatever veges and fruit are ready from the gardens, organic grains & pulses, sugar, tea, milk, butter, peanut butter, bread, eggs, seasoning, organic oats, homemade condiments, herbs from the gardens, salads from the gardens, olive oil.

Luxuries (coffee, dairy other than milk and butter, special breads, tropical fruit, etc) and anything else you will have to provide yourself. There are regular trips into town and Montagu is a well stocked. There is a juicer in the kitchen and the gardens have plenty of leaf veges & beetroot for juicing.

What to Bring

The farm has a pool fed by crystal spring water for swimming, amazing hiking, and walking opportunities, it exists in a stunning natural location of hills, valleys and mountains, all covered in pristine Succulent Veld, Fynbos and Renosterveld. When you are not working exploring and outdoor activities are the obvious attraction with excellent cycling in the area. The area is safe with no crime been far away from any settlement, town is 20 km away and our nearest resident neighbour is 4km away. The place is very peaceful and quiet and volunteering here suits people who like the quiet life…When working we expect people to be safely attired, so that means with solid shoes, and in some cases gloves. We suggest the following to make your stay an enjoyable one…

  • Sun hat
  • Long cotton clothes to keep the sun off your body.
  • If using sun cream it will have to be organic.
  • Good walking shoes.
  • Slip on sandals for operating around the homestead.
  • Gumboots
  • Warm clothing for night time.
  • Rain protection.
  • Bedding. (Pillow, sheets, cover)
  • Laptop if you want to access the internet (only emails, social media, and websites. No streaming or downloads allowed)
  • Work Gloves
  • Swimming gear
  • We provide organic hair, bodywash, and toothpaste, any other toiletries will have to provided by yourself and be organic.


Contact Us 


If you wish to volunteer, please drop us an email on kent01cooper@gmail.com and we will send you an application form to fill in so we can review your request.

Phone: 023 111 0042 (between 1pm and 3:00pm)

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