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Why take a Permaculture Design Course?


Whether you are a farmer, a business person, a family, a loner, a new land owner, working in development, urban design and more, the permaculture design certificate is an appropriate starting point to redesign your life into the Regenerative. The course will provide you with the skills and confidence to develop a self-regulating life support system to ensure stability, resilience and abundance by embedding you into the force and bounty of nature.

Empower yourself and learn how to become self-reliant and abundant in any situation. The Permaculture Design Course teaches essential skills to meet the radical challenges of the current chaotic state of the world. Today we are engulfed in lockdown insanity and the completely inappropriate pandemic response. Add to this long term  environmental degradation, over exploitation of natural resources and people due to centralised extractive economics, that drain the life out of the planet and its people. All of this and more has combined in the quickening of the collapse of economic systems, increasing social and political discord, increasing poverty and human misery.

Additionally, the South African context is beset by extreme inequality, poverty and hopelessness. The entrenched political ineptitude and corruption worsens this situation, recently expressed in the looting and riots that swept parts of the country, and this is just the begining. The future of our social/economic context is not looking at all sustainable, we are entering a period of massive social, political and economic upheaval. We need to be prepared by developing resilience and dynamic adaptability into our lives and livelihoods.



 Consequently, now more than ever in history, as the Establishment falls apart, we need to develop regenerative life support systems to see us safely through these troubled times. These systems ensure food security, security of person, health and well-being, a livelihood based in a steady flow of natural resources and essential services off the land to support us in the context of coming food, energy and material resource shortages. With permaculture design we have the perfect tool to do this.

Of course this current global crisis has engendered the Great Awakening, where people around the world realise that current political, economic, pharmaceutical and social systems do not serve humanity at all and are merely tools for a Globalist Centralising of power and wealth agenda. There is an awakening to the need to establish a new abundant world, that is ethical and serves the real needs of humanity and nature. This Ecosystemic Civilisation, we are birthing now at a rapid rate, transcends dependency on a dying Extractive System and sets the foundation for a truly thrivable future for all.

To get ourselves through the current turmoil we can take immediate steps towards decentralising our lives and building self-reliance for us and our families by learning Permaculture design and applying it to the context we live in.

We can take this new knowledge and repurpose our personal ecological, economic and social context into reliance on the bounty nature provides, relatively quickly, especially if we cooperate with other like minded and awakening people around us. Those of us that start now and adapt will be around in the future to usher in the amazing transformation of humanity that is well and truly on its way as people seek alternatives to the dysfunction of our current disorder . All our solutions lie in nature and mimicking her patterns and processes into a regenerative society. We do not have to panic because the system of permaculture design is a solutions based approach to life.

You will learn to design regenerative human living environments that will provide for your every need in a way that benefits everything and everyone around you… A Permaculture Design Course will change your life and set you on a pathway towards health, abundance, personal freedom and economic well-being without compromising the earth or your ethics.

The Permaculture Design Course is the international standard for entry into the world of permaculture. Because Permaculture is a design system, having a working grasp of the design process is critical to successful application of permaculture in one’s life. The Permaculture Design Course specifically focuses on design by practically exploring the ethics, principles, and methodology that underpin permaculture design.

The process is dynamic and fluid and mimics the processes and patterns found in the structure of nature. By applying the design process and toolbox to any situation an elegant, appropriate and integrated living system that self-perpetuates will emerge. We as humans cannot separate ourselves from our environment and permaculture design concentrates this reality.

Some of the immediate skills and knowledge you will learn.

  • Design food security systems that will provide healthy diversity of, vital immune boosting nourishing food with a surplus to trade.
  • Design your home and business into energy efficiency, cutting electricity costs, learn how to design for self-reliance in electricity so you are not subject to the years of load shedding ahead of us.
  • Design your homes and businesses into water harvesting landscape to ensure water self-reliance as mainstream water supply systems collapse due to neglect and poor planning.
  • Learn to live a healthy and vital lifestyle embedded in the huge diversity of resources and services provide by the natural order. Permaculture is biological in nature and embedded in the organic realm and we can use this value stream that is unlimited and all around us to live a high quality life. Presently there is a global concern around health and well-being and there is no better strategy to maintaining your natural immunity and vitality then by starting to take personal responsibility for your health based on the principles and resources of nature. We do not believe that health and well-being come from the outside, a truly healthy and vital person is embedded in the natural world. Our immune systems have served us incredibly effectively over our entire history and knowing how to look after your body is essential to thriving in these times, and permaculture systems provide the ideal context for a healthy and vital life…
  • Design decentralised economic systems that are based in human skills, knowledge and natural essential resources. Our society is synthetic and completely dependent on the petrochemical value stream and increasingly centralised and exclusive, beset with red tape and unworkable policies that do nothing other than create poverty and misery. We can change this through good design and transcend economic dependency on a dying global economic system. The sooner we do this the better our chances of riding the storm.
  • Learn how to design for integrated rather than segregated lifestyles. Now more than ever it is critical to get together, form community bonds that share resources, ideas, skills and knowledge to collectively stand up to and transcend the current deliberate destruction of our society by Globalist Agendas. You cannot transcend and beat the System if you are dependent on it for your livelihood and security of person. Only those that are no longer dependent on the Establishment for the essentials of their lives will truly be able to survive and thrive into the uncertain future indefinitely.

Learn how to do this and so much more towards designing and manifesting a resilient and abundant life for you, your family and community.

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